Where is the best location for my GPS-antenna?


The basic rule for installation is for the GPS-antenna to have sight of the sky. The most common place of install is either on the vehicles rear parcel shelf or on the dashboard but be warned, some vehicles are fitted with UV protective glass and if this is the case an alternative external (optional) antenna should be used.

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Why doesn't the touch screen on my VRX918R work in navigation mode?


Check the settings of your monitor; it should be in "Wide" mode (16.9). The procedure to adjust this setting is: Select [menu] - [Function] - [Info] - [Connection Control (link check)] click the "monitor" button, then the select "screen" and then "wide". Once complete turn off your navigation system (ignition off) then after a couple of minutes, power up your system.
You should now be able to control your navigation by touch-screen.
If this fails to work it is likely that your CPU needs some additional software installed. Under such circumstances you should return to your retailer for assistance.

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