Can I connect a DVD player or a game console to a VRX613R?


Yes: In both cases you will need to install Clarion's optional TV tuner (TTX7502/03) and CCA389 connector. This also applies to VRX6570R.

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Can I connect a DVD player or a game console to a VRX633R?


Yes: You can connect Clarion's optional VCZ628 DVD/Audio Disc Jockey directly (without a TV tuner) to this multimedia centre, via the Ce-Net plug and play connectivity system.
For all other configurations; connection of a (Clarion) single DVD player, games console or video player etc you will need one of our TV-tuners' TTX7502z plus a CCA389 video connection cable.

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Can I connect several sources onto a VRX633R?


Yes but you need a TV tuner (TTX7502/7503), CCA-389 connector and an MSS433 multi zone switcher.

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Can I use various audiovisual sources on a multimedia centre?


Yes but if you are planning to use several additional monitors you will need a Clarion MSS433 multi zone switcher.

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Which Clarion head units can I connect to VCZ628?


All Ce-Net units from 2002 - except that is AXZ428R
Please note that if you are going to use the built-in multi zone function on our VRX928RVD, the VCZ628 should be set up in stand alone mode. In this mode, it can only be controlled via the remote control.

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I have a multimedia centre and several PAL / NTSC type video screens and would like to switch between several video sources; the problem is my system has a limited number of video inputs, what can I do?


Plenty, our multi-zone audio-video switcher, MSS433 allows you to control and use a number of video sources simultaneously by the means of 3 independent control stations and a lavish number of audio-video inputs. For more information about this device, see our "Product" section on this web-site or request a sales brochure on-line.

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What is the difference between Dolby Digital (AC3) and DTS?


Both are very similar, the difference is basically the digital coding used. Dolby Digital utilises a different algorithm to that of DTS and that's where the real disparity ends. Both Dolby Digital and DTS distribute high quality sound via several separate channels, delivering true dynamic theatre "Surround Sound" which is often referred to as 5.1 because of the six channels used (five plus one).
For more information about these formats and the cinema effect, request a sales brochure on-line.

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Can I mount my VRX848RVD in a way that the front does not protrude so much from the dash board? Can it be recessed?


Yes, the side springs can be moved to a different position if the vehicle dashboard allows unimpaired open/close/tilt operation.

Different Position

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