Which Clarion CD changer goes with my Clarion aftermarket radio?


It depends largely on what model you have; if the reference number has the letter "Z" (3rd character front left) present our DCZ628z or CDC655Tz is required. If there is no third letter but the second (from left) is equal to "X" you will require our DC628 or CDC634. Finally if the second character from left in your product name is "B" your radio cannot directly control a CD changer.

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How many changers can be controlled by my Ce NET head unit?


A total of four changers can be connected to a CeNet source unit. The CCA-519 Y adapter will connect two changers and one more adapter for each changer after that.

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Can I use an "old" Clarion CD changer with a new Ce NET source unit?


Yes but you will need to use our RCB138 "Bus" converter; this will turn your head-units C-Bus messages into Ce-Net speak so that your CD changer knows what to do.

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Can I use a "NON" Clarion radio that is CD Changer compatible with my Clarion CD Changer?


Sorry the answer is No! Firstly the connections will NOT match, and secondly your non Clarion radio will send messages that cannot be understood by the Clarion changer, they basically talk in "different languages".

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I am the owner of a Clarion C-BUS changer and I'm looking for a Clarion Source unit to work with this product, what can you suggest?


We have two great contenders for you to consider, AX523R and AX423R both can be found under the banner of "Product" on this web-site.

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I am the owner of a Clarion Ce-NET changer and I'm looking for a Clarion Source unit to work with this product, what can you suggest?


All Clarion Source (Head) units with the reference letter "Z" in its reference number are compatible with the Ce-NET changers.

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I own a Clarion Ce-NET Source (Head) unit and I want to add a CD or MD changer, what can I use?


Your Source unit can control any Clarion changer that has the letter "z" within its model reference.

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I have a Clarion CD Changer and want to use it with a radio that does not have any changer control ability, is there any way I can achieve this?


All is possible with Clarion - You can use our FM modulator, FMC250 to control a Clarion C-Bus changer (CDC634, DC628). This will work with any radio as the CD changer audio output is presented to the radio tuner as a radio-station on the FM band.

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