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Clarion launches a range of connected multimedia units thanks to Smart Access technology


Benefiting from Smart Access technology, the first Cloud service for in-vehicle electronics, the new FX503E and NX503E multimedia units from Clarion provide access to smartphones apps optimised for in-car usage. The vehicle is now getting connected, and with total safety
When the smartphone connects the vehicle
The FX503E and NX503E are connected multimedia units which allow you to use a range of smartphone apps specially optimized for safe in-car usage, thanks to Smart Access technology. The best-known apps include: FB4car (Facebook), which allows the driver to access their news feeds; News4car, providing news information during the journey; Weather4car, providing weather updates in real time. Internet radio is also available.
In addition to information and social networks, Clarion responds to the primary needs of drivers by allowing them to report data from iGo Primo or NavFree navigation systems, stored on their mobile phone, on the unit's screen. What's more, traffic information (Inrix) and the Waze community of drivers are also invited on board.
And if entertainment is part of the trip with these two multimedia units, safety still remains Clarion's priority. The FX503E and NX503E are equipped with Bluetooth, allowing them to respond to calls in complete safety in handsfree mode and transfer their telephone directories so the name of the caller can be displayed when a call is received.
Two high-performance multimedia units
The FX503E from Clarion is a connected 2-DIN multimedia station, equipped with a large 6.2 inch touch screen. Containing the best in technology, it offers a quality audio solution to passengers thanks to Intelligent Tune technology, enabling improved management of audio quality (virtual bass, reconstitution of compressed sounds, etc.).
The NX503E, which offers all the functionality mentioned above, also integrates a high-end GPS system containing map data for 47 countries, making it easy to travel from one country to another. A DVD player puts the finishing touches to this highly modern model.




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