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Customer Satisfaction Policy

Establishing lines of communication between customer and company.

In recent years, we have seen a growing emphasis being placed on individuality and personal preference. Customer needs continue to expand, from individual product functions to the domain of information including How To USE and Information Services. Keeping this in mind, Clarion will not only develop new technologies and improve product quality, but will also work to expand our lines of communication with the customer. Strengthening customer support will serve as a core of our business. Currently our highly-skilled operators handle all sorts of inquiries from users and retailers, including requests for repairs, information, printed materials and complaints.

Grasping customer needs and strengthening internal feedback.

In order to tap a new market and discover existing and potential future customer demands, the opinions and information we gather through our customer support activities has become important assets, and accurately gauging the voice of the customer is a concept that is absolutely crucial for our company. Furthermore, by creating a “market sensor” function that feeds back information to various internal company divisions, we are constructing an organization that can contribute positively to product development.
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