Récepteur AM/FM à l’Épreuve des Intempéries

  • FM AM
  • Front AUX Input
  • Panneau Avant Résistant à l’eau et poussière Normes IP65
  • Résistant aux Vibrations 6,8G
  • Entrées AUX Avant 3,5mm & Arrière RCA
  • Pré-sélections Stations 12 AM & 12 FM
  • Fréquence de syntonisateur sélectionnable – Amérique du Nord & Europe
  • Mémoire d’une Durée de 2 Semaines
  • Horloge et Alarme-Réveil Intégrées
  • Fonctionne sur 12V ou 24V
  • Châssis 1-DIN moins de 4,5’’ profondeur
  • Puissance Maximale 2x 15W


Just because you have to work outdoors doesn't mean you should have to give up the comfort of a quality Audio Unit. That's why, at Clarion, our commitment to making superior in-vehicle products doesn't stop at regular cars. To meet the rigorous demands of work on a construction site or in an agricultural setting, we created the new RG-9451 Weatherproof Audio Unit. With a rugged, watertight design that keeps out dust and water and dampens vibrations, the RG-9451 lets you listen to your favourite broadcasts without worrying about the weather or the environment.

RG9451 Details

-Thanks to an extremely airtight design , the front panel of the RG9451 stands up to dusty or rainy conditions (IP65 compliant).

- Vibration resistance guaranteed to 6.8 G.

- 12V or 24V connectability.

- AUX (external audio input) terminals are provided on both the front and rear panels, allowing playback of other audio sources such as digital terrestrial TV tuners and portable MP3 players.

- Up to 12 stations each for AM and FM bands can be stored in memory. Battery back-up retains memory of pre-set stations for 2 weeks.

-The AG-9451 has a compact design, especially depthwise. So it fits snugly in a shallow 1-DIN slot.

Selectable radio frequencies:

FM frequencies

87.9 to 107.9 MHz (North America)

87.5 to 108.0 MHz (Europe, Other)

AM frequencies

530 to 1710 kHz (North America)

531 to 1602 kHz (Europe)

531 to 1629 kHz (Other)

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