Source Units

Driven by The Next Generation

Developing next-generation solutions to offer a new level of satisfaction.

That’s the motivation that keeps moving us forward.

Clarion’s newest line of source units bring the quality and integration benefits of cutting-edge digital technologies into your car, at high speed.

Direct USB iPod Control

No adapter box required. Just connect the USB cable that’s included with your iPod to the Clarion source unit’s USB input and you get complete control of your iPod including genre/album/song title search using iPod’s control wheel. And if you ever find you’ve reached a particular menu by mistake, this year’s improved interface will easily let you back out of the current menu to quickly get you back on track. FZ709/FZ409 even support iPod Video playback using the optional CCA-723 and only with RCA video input monitor.

Built-in Bluetooth® Interface

Connect with various devices such as mobile phones, PDAs and MP3 Players via the unit’s built-in wireless Bluetooth interface. Supports popular Bluetooth profiles including A2DP/ AVRCP for audio streaming and HFP/ OPP for hands-free operation, so you can easily communicate and stream your favorite digital music to your vehicle’s audio system. Wired microphone is included in Bluetooth Built in products (CX609,FZ709/ CZ509), while Bluetooth is available optionally* for CZ309/FZ409/CZ209/ CZ109/DUZ385SAT. *Requires optional BLT370 (supports HSP/HFP/A2DP/AVRCP).

USB Digital Media Streaming

With a USB terminal on the rear (CX609/CZ509/DUZ385SAT) or front (CZ309) of the unit, these Source Units accommodate playback of Windows® Media DRM10 files for music purchased from online music services in addition to WMA/MP3/AAC files you’ve ripped from CDs. They also accommodate files copyrightprotected with WMDRM10. To stream music, a portable audio player compatible with USB media streaming is required. (Sold separately.)

SAT Ready

By connecting a Clarion CLA-SC1 and SiriusConnectTM Tuner, or an XM Mini Tuner with the XM Direct 2 interface, you can add over 130 channels of Satellite Radio to your SAT RADIO READY Source Units, while CX609 and DUZ385SAT can be directly connected to XM Mini Tuner. SIRIUS or XM Tuner and applicable subscription required.

©2008 SIRIUS XM Radio Inc. "SIRIUS", "The Best Radio on Radio", the SIRIUS logos, channel names and logos and related marks are trademarks of SIRIUS XM Radio Inc. The XM name and related logo are trademarks of XM Satellite Radio Inc. All other trademarks, service marks, and logos are the property of their respective owners. All right reserved.

BBE® MP for Better Sounding MP3/WMA/AAC Files

• BBE MP Process

BBE MP (Minimized Polynomial Non-Linear Saturation) Process improves digitally compressed sound such as MP3/WMA/AAC by restoring the harmonics that are lost through compression, thereby reproducing the warmth, details and nuances that you would otherwise miss. BBE MP enhanced harmonics even serve to make regular CDs sound better. (CX609/CZ509/FZ709/FZ409/CMV1/CMD6/M309)

• Manufactured under license from BBE Sound, Inc.

• Licensed by BBE Sound, Inc. under one or more of the following US

patents : 5510752, 5736897. BBE and BBE symbol are registered

trademarks of BBE Sound, Inc.

• This Diagram shows only image for function of BBE MP

BeatEQ for User Customizable Sound

In addition to providing 3 preset equalization patterns — BASS BOOST, IMPACT, and EXCITE — Clarion’s BeatEQ even lets you freely customize the level and range of the bass, midrange and treble portions of each pattern. You can tune the sound to your liking, depending on the category of music, for a more fulfilling listening experience. (CX609/ CZ509/FZ709/FZ409)

Next-Generation Function and Form

FZ709/FZ409 represent Clarion’s idea of next-generation design and performance. The OEL display as well as capacitive sensor operation buttons provide an advanced user-interface, resulting from our continuous quest for the ideal H.M.I. (Human Machine Interface). In terms of sound and connectivity, they promise to satisfy even the most discerning user.

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