Marine Audio System

Sound You Can Sea

Get your boat rocking, with the great looks and sound of Clarion’s watertight heavy-duty source units and components. Engineered to take on the spray, salt and fog, and just keep going. With innovative functions you’d expect from Clarion. Make your next cruise a real splash, and enjoy knots and knots of nautical entertainment.

Engineered to Withstand Water and Salt

Water is a marine source unit’s world enemy, and salt can be a nightmare. Our CMV1/CMD6 source units have been IPX5 tested and certified to offer the highest water intrusion protection and salt resistance. Rubber gaskets stop water in its tracks, with integrated drainage channels to keep water out.

Stainless Steel for Toughness on the Inside

Should any water get behind the panel, the stainless steel chassis, along with an integrated drip shield over the main harness connector, helps protect internal circuitry from the effects of moisture, corrosion and mildew.

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