Clarion H.M.I.

Imagination Becomes Realization

Ideas and thoughts are made truly meaningful when they are given shape and form.

At Clarion, we specialize in visualizing the most innovative, human-friendly concepts for in-vehicle entertainment, and turning them into tangible solutions that will seamlessly transform your driving experience. Interfacing humans with music and media in a mobile environment — with Clarion H.M.I., you are the ultimate destination.

See Your Entertainment Grow, Seamlessly.

The Clarion H.M.I. concept is the driving force behind our relentless pursuit of the ultimate human-machine interface. The goal is to bring music and information to people in mobile environments for seamless enjoyment of high-quality entertainment. With Clarion, your car is transformed into the ultimate personal theater or a front-row concert seat with broad compatibility that tears down the barriers to the outside world.

Exciting Operation

Clarion H.M.I. makes operation more exciting and interactive. Touch panel keys provide an intuitive way of accessing a multitude of functions, with state-of-the-art looks while minimizing the surface area necessary for buttons. Count on two-way operation of your connected iPod -- controllable using the source unit’s or iPod’s control wheel. Touch it, and let the excitement begin.

Advanced Technology

Cutting-edge audio technologies like BBE® MP to improve compressed digital audio sound and Beat EQ’s 3-band parametric equalizer are present throughout most of the lineup. Support of DivX® and WMDRM10 files broaden the scope of your entertainment. Add advanced graphics technologies for stress-free viewing. Technology, geared to your satisfaction.

Comprehensive Connectivity

iPod connectivity with full control including ABC Search, complete with iPod Audio and Video support.

Bluetooth® for safe hands-free calling and audio streaming. USB and AUX connections to access music on portable devices. Together these create an in-car environment where you’re assured of seamless enjoyment of the music you love.

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