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Amplifiers/ Subwoofers/ Speakers

The Sophisticated Side of Raw Power

Advanced design techniques and high quality materials have been combined for the sole purpose of bringing earth-shaking bass performance into your car. Feel the bass, boost your drive.


DPX Series

Class GH amplifiers deliver the efficiency of a Class D amplifier with sound quality of an AB design.

APX Illumination Series

High-powered performance Class AB amplifiers that appeal to your ears and eyes with dynamic illumination.

APX Series

Mono and multi-channel amplifiers that make it easy to equip any system with thundering Sound.


PXW Series

High-performance materials and advanced design deliver extreme bass and exquisite looks.

SRW Series

Step-up series providing an easy solution for those who want to ramp-up their bass performance.

SW Series

Developed especially to deliver big bass performance in your car with a relatively small investment.

The Sounds and Sensations of Pure Excellence

Sound to please the ear and design to catch the eye.

Clarion’s full line of speakers will let you customize your car’s soundscape with the exact specs and looks you need.

ULTRA Series

Harnessing the highest grade materials for high power handling, superior response, and stately looks.


Separate woofers and tweeters that let you choose the exact solution for your car audio upgrading needs.


Multiaxial speakers combining design and performance to faithfully reproduce the full spectrum of sound.

GOOD Series

The easiest way to pursue better sound and upgrade from the standard factory system in your car.

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