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  • All units in this catalogue are primarity intended for installation in passenger cars. Use in lorries, tractors, off-road vehicles, construction machinery, boats (except Marine models), and other special-purpose vehicles or on motorcycles is not recommended.
  • It is not possible to resume iPod Video playback. Whenever ACC is turned OFF/ON, playback will commence from the beginning of the file.
  • iPod nano 1G and iPod 5G simple control mode is not supported. (CD type head units)
  • To use iPod nano 1G and iPod 5G simple control mode, it is necessary to first connect using optional USB cable, then set Analog/Digital switch to Analog. (DVD type head units/FZ709/FZ409)
  • There’s no guarantee that all units in this catalogue play CCCD (Copy Control CD), Hybrid SACD (Super Audio CD), CD-R/RW and DVD±R/RW.
  • Clarion Corporation of America is a member of the Consumer Electronics Association, Mobile Enhancement Retailers Association and the Consumer Electronics Manufacturers Association.
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  • Please see the Clarion website for iPod models that can be connected.
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WARNING: Driver is prohibited by law from viewing a video signal on any in-dash monitor while the vehicle is in motion.
WARRANTY: All Clarion products are covered by a Limited One Year Parts and Labor Warranty.The following Clarion products have a Limited Two-Year Parts and Labor Warranty when purchased from and installed by an authorized Clarion Dealer:The confirmed models that will carry a Two-year warranty are below "ONLY" - Two-year warranty : CX609, CZ509, FZ709 , DPX2251, DPX1851, DPX11551.

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