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A Message from the President

Paul Lachner, President of Clarion Corporation of America

Paul Lachner, President

Paul Lachner, President

Welcome to Clarion Corporation of America.
Clarion is one of the premier suppliers of audio and mobile electronics equipment to the more than 30 automakers worldwide. For over 70 years, Clarion has been a perpetual innovator in the fields of audio and human interface inside the car. Our commitment to quality and reliability is only shadowed by our passion for delivering great performance for today’s mobile lifestyle.
In 2006, Clarion became a subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd., allowing us to extend our business scope and competitiveness by leveraging not just our combined technological capabilities but also the remarkable resources Hitachi has to offer.
Our award-winning products are designed to positively contribute to today’s mobile lifestyle with optimal ergonomics and safety in mind. Our goal is to simplify what it takes for people to take full advantage of infotainment in their vehicles by providing them with not just great audio, but superior yet streamlined interface, as well as easy connectivity to the ever-growing services and capabilities available online. Our success in doing so while keeping the main focus on driving has helped position Clarion as one of most trusted tier 1 system suppliers to many of the world’s largest original equipment manufacturers.
Clarion’s commitment to innovate and market exciting new mobile electronic products has never been stronger. We are passionate about audio, infotainment and connectivity in anything that moves you from automobiles to boats, RVs and commercial vehicles. So, whether you’re an end-user consumer, a retailer, a distributor or an original equipment manufacturer, we hope you come along for the ride.
Thank you for your continued support and patronage.
Paul Lachner
President, Clarion Corporation of America
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