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VX401 Touch Screen Firmware Update

Firmware update to prevent loss of touch screen calibration


Do not power off the unit while performing any portion of this update unless specifically instructed.

Do not operate the unit while performing any portion of this update unless specifically instructed.

If you are not comfortable with any of the procedures below, please contact the Clarion dealer from which you purchased the unit for assistance.

NOTE: If your VX401 has lost the touch screen calibration, follow the calibration procedure below BEFORE doing the update.

Touch Screen Calibration Procedure

a) Turn on the VX401

b) Using the IR Remote control, press the Menu Button

c) TUNER should be highlighted in Blue

d) Press the right arrow until the 'Settings' tab is highligted

e) Press ENT on the remote

f) The Clock tab will be highlighted

g) Press the down left arrow to highlight the General Tab

h) press the down arrow to highlight the Monitor Adjust Tab

i) Press Enter

j) TS Calibrate should be highlight, press ENT

k) Press the down arrow to highlight 'Yes', then press Enter

l) Follow the instructions on the screen to perform the calibration

note: If the touch screen calibration procedure repeats itself, use your fingernail to touch each blue square to provide a more accurate calibration point

Touch Screen Calibration Update Installation Procedure:

Step 1

a) Download ""


b) Save file to your computer

c) Insert a blank USB memory stick into your computer

d) Using Winzip (or similar), extract the contents of to your computer

e) Copy build.img, ces_b203_cl.bin and update.ver to the root of the blank USB memory Stick

Step 2

a) Ensure that the VX401 is turned off

b) Insert the USB stick into the rear USB port of the VX401

c) Turn on the VX401

d) Select 'Back' to go to the main menu

e) Select USB

f) You will see a screen titled 'Loading" with a window that says "Firmware Upgrade"

g) Tap the MPEG button

h) The screen will now say MPEG Firmware Upgrade

i) Once done, the Clarion logo screen will be displayed

j) Press and hold the SRC button to turn the unit off

k) Remove the USB Memory Stick

l) Turn the vehicle ignition off

m) Using the tip of a pen or a paperclip, press and hold the reset button on the face of the unit for 5 seconds

n) turn the vehicle ignition on

o) Turn the VX401 on by touching the SRC button

Step 3

w) Tap the 'back' button to get to the main menu

x) Tap the 'settings' icon

y) Tap the 'version' button

z) Confirm that the MPEG softare is now at version 1.3.14_0194_120102

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