SDHC Drive Recorder

  • New Model
  • 4 cameras can be connected
  • Data stored on an SDHC card (up to 16 GB)
  • Driving/Vehicle data recording (GPS included)
  • 4 Analog inputs (brakes, reverse & turn signals)
  • Emergency locked file function
  • 5 to 30 fps (NTSC)
  • VGA: 640 × 480 / CIF: 352 × 288 (selectable)
  • Comprehensive security (Tamper prevention) kit is included
  • Automatic Run-On timer function
  • 12V/24V compatible
  • One Viewing suite software (CTA042400) is required per installation site
  • Main unit dimensions: 178 (W) × 40 (H) × 153 (D) mm
  • Overall dimensions: 193 (W) × 40 (H) × 170 (D) mm (including tamper prevention mechanism)
  • Weight Approx. 1.3 kg
  • External input terminal: Camera input × 4 (DIN5P × 4), Alarm input × 4, Audio input × 1 (MIC input or Line input)
  • External output terminal: Video output × 1, Alarm output × 2, Audio output × 1

Secure, Error-Free Recording of In-Vehicle Events Is Assured by Utilizing SDHC Memory Card Technology

Surveillance recording in and around your vehicle is the best way to assure the safety and security of both you and your passengers. With more than six decades of experience as a world-leading specialist in in-car media equipment, Clarion has the expertise to provide you with the superior, leading-edge technology you demand. Building on our proven reputation for reliability, our CF5000E in-vehicle digital recorder uses a new SDHC memory card, which is a large-capacity version of an SD card. Unlike a conventional hard disk, the SDHC card feature s high vibration resistance, low running cost, and removable convenience, making it the ideal medium for in-vehicle digital recording.

Large-capacity, easy-to-handle SDHC card

• Data storage on easy-to-handle, large-capacity SDHC cards (up to 16 GB).

• Video data is compressed in the H.264 format and audio data is compressed in the G.726 format, enabling approx. 4 hours of recording per gigabyte (30 fps, 512 kbps, VGA).

• Continuous recording mode is the default setting and event-activated recording mode is also available.

Driving/vehicle data recording

•The CF5000E incorporates a GPS receiver to record vehicle location data and records other data including driving time, vehicle ID, flagged points, activation of the brake and directional signals, and door contact status.

Emergency locked file function

• Images recorded while the emergency trigger button is kept depressed cannot be overwritten.

Up to 4 cameras can be connected

• Up to 4 channels of video can be input for extensive coverage of driving and vehicle conditions. When 4 Clarion CCD cameras are installed at various locations inside and outside of the vehicle, areas such as the front of the vehicle, the interior, rear of the vehicle and door areas can be fully covered.

• The CF5000E incorporates a built-in power supply for 4 highperformance, high-reliability Clarion color CCD cameras.

Note: The CC2001 camera with shutter cannot be used.

Comprehensive security functions

• A tamper prevention kit with lock is incorporated to protect the CF5000E’s main unit.

• Recorded data can only be played back when the vehicle management information is verifi ed via proprietary playback software, which also has a data tampering detection function.

Automatic Run-On timer function

•The CF5000E continues recording for up to 90 minutes after the car’s accessory power supply is turned off.

Specifically designed for in-vehicle usage

• Compatible with DC 12–24 V.

• Installation is easy thanks to the compact design.

• Since there are no mechanical moving parts, there is no need for periodic replacement of components.

• Built to stand up to the most severe conditions including vibrations, impact, high humidity, and high temperature.

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