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Leverage the Power of Technology into your Daily Driving Routine

Within 3 seconds of destination selection, Clarion's advanced NAX970HD HDD navigation system has you moving in the right direction. Mapping covers the entire US, with the added bonus of coverage for Canada. There is literally almost nowhere in North America the NAX970HD can't take you and it will do so with precision and punctuality whether it's a long trip or just local errands. With its ultra high speed processing capabilities, crystal clear imaging, multiple routing alternatives, and installation height just over 1" (28mm), this is the way to get between points A and B as effortlessly as possible.

An installation friendly GPS antenna and voice command microphone provide added flexibility and safety.

  • Compatible with MAX675VD
  • Voice and Touch Recognition
  • Audible Voice Commands in 3 Different Languages (English / French / Spanish)
  • 30GB Built-in High Speed Hard Disc Drive
  • Built-in Gyro Sensor
  • Simple Destination Input with Touch Screen
  • Comprehensive Point of Interest Database
  • Automatic Route Recalculation

The Reliability of Windows Automotive and HDD Capacity

The Windows Automotive 5.0 based HDD navigation system ensures reliability of route processing, unmatched graphical capability and assured capacity for upgrades as mapping or technologies evolve. The high capacity of the 30GB Hard Disk Drive allows the unit to store all of the mapping data without compromising speed or accuracy of use.

Advanced HMI Using Graphic-Rich Touch Screen Controls

Exclusively designed for new MAX675VD, the 3D graphical interface on the touch screen front panel called “My List” allows the user to virtually point to their choice of on screen commands and execute them in a single step. Menus like “Favorites” or “Frequent” allow the user quicker access to regular destinations.

Voice Control makes Navigating Safer

The NAX970HD has embedded speech recognition technology that provides a level of sophistication not previously available in the mobile environment. The powerful speech recognition software is able to input destination information by speaking just a few simple commands. In addition, the system actually communicates back to the driver either confirming commands or requesting others. All of this complex, yet easy to use technology permits the safest and most convenient way to bring navigation into everyday driving.

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