• DVD Video Playback
  • dts Digital Out
  • Compact Disc Digital Video
  • Compact Disc Text
  • Windows Media
  • MP3 ID3 TAG
  • Magna Bass EX
  • 24-Bit D/A Converter: Music Reproduction at Its Best
  • Parametric EQ: Taking Sound Customization to the Next Level
  • 2 Zone Entertainment
  • AMP Canceller
  • Digital Optical Output
  • 6ch Output
  • AUX Input
  • CeNET Technology
  • 50W×4 HIGH POWER

Understated Elegance with Capacity Beyond Your Dreams

The VRX765VD demonstrates how a traditional DIN sized unit can accommodate a capacity of multimedia features far beyond imagination. The CeNET backbone of this unit allows a seamless integration strategy of the all the best Clarion multimedia peripherals, yet the HMI is still intuitive and easy to operate for the end user. Clarion went to tremendous lengths to improve on an already successful design so that the VRX765VD would be the centerpiece of an in-car entertainment system for technologies both now and tomorrow. The convenience of touch screen control and ubiquitous media playback means the VRX765VD practically does the thinking for you. With a 24-bit Digital-to-Analog converter (DAC) and 5.1 surround processing capabilities, audio entertainment is delivered with purity and unmistakable accuracy. Add Satellite Radio, fully integrated iPod connectivity and the ability to manage media playback in 2 independent zones and it's no wonder the VRX765VD is the ultimate multimedia system controller.

Detachable Control Panel

  • Fully Motorized 7-Inch LCD
  • Touch Panel Control with Soil-Resistant Finish
  • 3-Band Parametric Equalizer
  • Built-in Amplifier Canceller
  • DVD±R/RW Ready
  • CD-R/RW Ready
  • iPod Control
  • CeNET Control of: DVD Changer (easy), 5.1-Channel Processor, TV Tuner, 6-Disc CD Changer and Satellite Receiver
  • 1-Channel Video Output
  • 6-Channel RCA Line Level Output
  • 200 Watts Amplifier (50 Watts × 4 Channels)

True iPod Integration, Audio, Control and Charging

Clarion's latest iPod integration into the VRX765VD allows complete, on screen viewing and control of all third-generation and newer iPod units (including Photo, Nano, Mini and fifth generation iPod with video). Clarion introduced on-screen iPod emulation in 2005 and is the first to introduce iPod video integration in 2006. The embedded interface in the VRX765VD provides a familiar touch sensitive control interface, full preamp level audio integration and iPod charging directly from the unit.

Intuitive, Easy to Navigate Control Menus

The 7-inch fold-away touch screen monitor of the VRX765VD is the hub for all control functions, information display, and (of course) viewing any of the connected video source components. The simple and intuitive control menus allow the user effortless navigation of the VRX765VD functions without loosing focus on the task of driving.

True 2-Zone Media Distribution

Clarion's 2-Zone Entertainment feature achieves new heights in 2006. VRX765VD users get additional front-seat listening options while rear-seat passengers can watch and listen to a completely separate source via wireless headphones. All of this control is built right into the VRX765VD; No black boxes required. So, plug in an iPod, switch on Satellite Radio, or listen to a CD or any other CeNET compatible audio source and transform your dashboard to a full blown multimedia control center.

Dolby Digital and dts In True 5.1-Channel Surround

The home theater experience hits the road. Today's home entertainment experience incorporates discrete, multi-channel processing of music and movie soundtracks. Now with Clarion's VRX765VD compatible 5.1-channel surround processing unit, the magic of true Dolby Digital and dts surround sound is delivered with all the warmth and clarity of the original material. CD's, MP3's, WMA files and even FM all transform into realism that only Dolby Pro-Logic II matrix processing can create. Multiple front channels (left, center and right) along with rear surrounds and a low frequency effects (LFE) channel form a realistic theater quality experience right in the car.

VRX765VD System Architecture Examples

By installing the VRX765VD multimedia station as your main unit, integration with the latest technologies as well as unsurpassed, multi-channel audio and video control are just the beginning of the excitement.

CEA 2006 Power Ratings

19W × 4 RMS [4Ω@14.4V ≤1% THD+N]

S/N 75dB (Ref:1W into 4Ω)

Now iPod Video Ready


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