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Together with Society

Clarion Group aims to be a good corporate citizen. To this end, we engage in activities in support of local communities throughout the world. We have developed a wide range of activities in each country, including support for future generations, activities to contribute to local communities, and support (donations) for areas afflicted by natural disasters. Through activities such as these we are actively contributing to the well-being of local communities.

Social Contribution Activities

The whole of the Clarion Group has developed wide range of social contribution activities in each country with initiatives of each office, prioritizing support for areas suffering from natural disasters as well as establishment of friendly relationship with local communities.


Participation in Saitama City Marathon as Volunteers

Saitama City Marathon, sponsored by the City of Saitama was held on February 22, 2015. Clarion jointly supported the event as a part of local community contribution and brand value improvement activities.

The day before the event, around 70 employees of Clarion group and their families volunteered as administration staff to register the athletes for participation.


A free concert was held as a part of community activities

A free concert by the Clarion music circle (Ensemble Clariono) was held at Saitama City Omiya Bonsai Museum on November 24, 2014.

This concert was held for the third consecutive year, having now become a regular event at the venue.

Around 300 people were in attendance at the museum, including locals and the residents of nursing homes. They enjoyed listening to familiar pieces, and as well as the performance everyone came together as a chorus to sing children's songs. Everyone from the local area greatly enjoyed the performance by Clariono.



In September 2014, 18 employees from DCOE visited a nursing home for the elderly in Dongkeng Town. Some of the nursing home's residents are over 100 years old, and fruits were presented to 36 residents to congratulate them on their health and longevity. A report about the visit was also broadcast on local Dongkeng TV.


In July each year, the employees of CAP participate as volunteers in a camp for high school students organized by the church. Around 100 young people with various social, school or family problems take part in the camp. As well as providing meals, CAP makes sure that the participants enjoy the camp and also encourages them to have a positive outlook, through participation in various games and lectures as well as support and consulting as needed.

Clarion China (CXEE) members participate in the Xiamen International Marathon as volunteers

On December 13th, 2014, 40 CXEE members took part in the Xiamen International Marathon, which is one of the two leading marathon competitions in China, as runners and supporting volunteer staff members. Company banners as well as T-shirts with the Clarion logo worn by CXEE participants promoted the Clarion brand.

Clarion America (CCA) donates toys as Christmas presents

Employees of CCA collected contributions of toys during Christmas time, to be delivered to less fortunate children.

Clarion Hungary (CHE) Community Contribution and Green Activities

Clarion Hungary not only contributes to the local community but also conducts various environmental activities. Local volunteer activities include: tree planting at a children's healthcare facility in Budapest,cleaning the Health office in Tápióbicske, participation in the Tápiószentmárton Sausage Festival. Clarion Hungary acts as a bridge between Clarion and the local community, connecting people, their towns and the environment.

In addition, CHE has installed water-cooled windows and reflective walls in its building, reducing CO2 emissions through the use of green walls, and is saving electricity and cutting paper volumes in order to further reduce its environmental burden. CHE also issues a PR magazine summarizing its environmental activities, in order to enhance environmental awareness of its employees. The magazine also includes not only reports but contains quizzes and interesting information, and has been issued on a continuous basis since fiscal 2014.

In this way, employees and the local community to work together. Clarion Hungary intends to continue to focus on developing environmental activities.

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