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Together with Society

Clarion Group aims to be a good corporate citizen. To this end, we engage in activities in support of local communities throughout the world. We have developed a wide range of activities in each country, including support for future generations, activities to contribute to local communities, and support (donations) for areas afflicted by natural disasters. Through activities such as these we are actively contributing to the well-being of local communities.

Social Contribution Activities

The whole of the Clarion Group has developed a wide range of social contribution activities in each country with initiatives of each office, prioritizing support for areas suffering from natural disasters as well as establishment of friendly relationship with local communities.



Participation in the “1st Saitama International Marathon” as Volunteers

In November 2015, the “1st Saitama International Marathon” took place. Around 100 Clarion employees and their family and friends participated as volunteers.

This was the first full marathon race in Saitama City. The volunteers gave out water and sports drinks at the water stations and organized the course.

Two Clarion employees ran the marathon and they were able to admirably complete the course.


Visit and Musical Performance at a Welfare Center

We held a concert in Saitama Prefecture at Toda City’s Welfare Center “Health and Welfare Forest”.

Clarion employees who could play musical instruments made up Ensemble Clariono. Composed of a string quartet with an added flute player and clarinet player, Christmas songs, pop songs and vocals were performed. Clapping their hands to the beat, singing and ringing bells, the happy elders waving their hands just like the ensemble leader left a strong impression, which made the performers feel happy too.



Clarion China (CXEE)

In December 2015, CXEE’s factory in the Tong-an District held an event to clean-up “Fantian Temple”. On this occasion, a total of 33 volunteers from various departments took part in this activity.

With the environmental policy of “to protect the environment, we need to start clean manufacturing and establish a ‘green’ culture”, for CXEE’s Tong-an factory to reach this objective, all of the factory workers need to be knowledgeable about environmental protection. This “clean-up event” was a regional contribution activity that also taught environmental protection customs.

The area around “Fantian Temple” is a famous tourist spot that is always bustling. The cleaning work of this tourist area has continued for many years. The number of participants has increased every year. Everyone actively participated and the level of consciousness for environmental protection increased within our staff. Through this, our brand activities that involve factories bore fruit.

Clarion America (CCA)

Shoes that fit are important for a child’s health and self-esteem. With this in mind, CCA collected new shoes to donate to underprivileged children. Many shoes were collected allowing children to commute to school happily and help them be in an environment where they can focus on studying.


Clarion Hungary (CHE)

At CHE, there is a traditional “Santa Claus Party” that takes place before Christmas. On this day, CHE employees together with their families with children decorate a Christmas Tree, perform dances/plays, prepare presents and hold a quiz competition. The staff dresses up as Santa Claus and little devils (who give twigs, not presents, to bad children), the winner of the quiz competition is decided, and children are smiling from beginning to end. It’s not just fun and games -- while the children are having fun they have a chance to learn about history and tradition.

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