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Together with Our Partners

Clarion, together with our business partners, enhance our teamwork in strategies in business, R&D and marketing. We believe that open and fair transactions will contribute to create products with better competitiveness and to establish a genuine WIN-WIN relationship with our partners. In addition, we have established the “Green Purchasing Guidelines” in cooperation with our business partners to promote more eco-friendly purchasing activities.

Proper Transactions

■Purchasing Policy
 Clarion aims to conduct open and fair transactions with its suppliers at all times sensibly and with sincerity. We seek new business partners both domestically and overseas as we expand our global purchasing/procurement activities in 7 Group manufacturing companies in 6 countries around the world. In the process of selection, we put importance on their approach to the environment and CSR in addition to their quality and R&D capabilities.
 We value communication with our business partners, and aim to establish relationships by which both parties can share their strategies and improve each other’s competitiveness.
■ Briefing Meeting on Purchasing
 We hold annually a meeting to give briefings and explanations on our purchasing policy and requests in cooperation with our efforts in CSR and more eco-friendly activities. In a briefing meetings held in March, 2013, in Japan and China, total 308 partners (Japanese 163 and Chinese 145) attended. In the course of purchasing activities, we are promoting activities, with more consideration on environmental protection, laying out of the “Green Purchasing Guidelines”as an example. Further, as we joined the Hitachi Group, we are also communicating the “Hitachi Group CSR Activity Policy” to our business partners. We also have regular meetings with Hitachi’s CSR departments to share information.
Annual Awards to Business Partners 
We have a system in place for awarding our business partners annually to encourage their improvement activities and suggestions related to dealing with products with higher added value. The awards are presented to those partners whose performance with respect to Q (Quality), C (Costs), D (Delivery Time) and VEC* activities were particularly outstanding in that year. In fiscal 2012, the awards were given to 7 such companies in Japan and 5 in China.
* VEC (Value Engineering for Customers) activities: VE activities were developed by the Hitachi Group. VE is a technique for analyzing various factors related to costs and features in order to develop and offer products equipped with features customers want at minimal cost.

Business partners commended at the Briefing Session of Purchasing Policy (Japan)

Education on Fair Trade with Our Business Partners 
 Responsible personnel in purchasing attend regular outside seminars in connection with Act against Delay in Payment of Subcontract Proceeds, Etc. to Subcontractors (Subcontract Act) in order to ensure law compliance and fair trade transactions. In fiscal 2012, two staffs participated in the outside seminars. We are also making efforts for higher CSR awareness through regular divisional educational lectures. We will continue to improve knowledge and competence of individual staffs through active use of outside seminars and e-learning on laws and regulations, and as well as on professional skills in purchasing operations.
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