Clarion’s global scale manufacturing organization.

Clarion’s manufacturing facilities expand far beyond Japan. In the future, we intend to further improve costeffectiveness by bolstering our production capability in China, with its enormous market potential, and by achieving uninterrupted production from mechanism to final product.

Moreover, at the Tohoku Office, which functions as the control center for all of our worldwide manufacturing facilities, we have established SCM (Supply Chain Management) by taking advantage of our information network, reducing production lead time through expanded integrated production lines, and implementing the cell production method to flexibly accommodate changing demands.

This has given every employee high ideals as creators along with a cost-consciousness regarding inventory reduction at the production planning and sourcing stages, thereby contributing to the unceasing evolution of the entire Clarion group’s production system. Based on the theme of “better products at less cost and in less time”, Clarion will continue to strive for higher production efficiency throughout our entire group.

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