NICE Music


What music formats are supported by N.I.C.E.?


The unit support s MP3, WMA, and WAV.

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How many folder layers can N.I.C.E. recognize?


The unit recognizes up to four.

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Is there a repeat or random function while listening to music files?


Yes. Playback functions, such as repeat and random play, can be found by touching the “Music Mode” button in upper right corner.

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Can I listen to my music while navigating?


Yes. Just touch the music button when in navigation mode and a control bar will appear at the top of the screen. The bar will allow you to view music file information, as well as allow you to switch between files.

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How do I access all my music playback functions while navigating?


There is an onscreen “Drop-Down” icon (highlighted in blue) button in the upper right corner of control bar. Press the icon to access the added function controls, which include: Music Modes (i.e., repeat and random), access to connected memory storage device, and volume controls.

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How do I turn the music mode off during navigation?


Touch the music icon in the upper left corner of the screen to turn off the music feature.

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What if I only want to listen to music and turn off the navigation mode?


Just hit the music button in the control panel screen to switch to full Music Mode.

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Will I be able to hear my next maneuver while listening to music?


Yes, the music mutes when N.I.C.E. announces a voice prompt, and then resumes when done.

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What are my options for selecting music files?


One way is to directly touch the file that you want to listen to. Another way is to scroll down to the desired music file using the track forward and reverse onscreen controls – located at the bottom of the display.

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Can I transfer music from my USB Storage Device to N.I.C.E.?


You can only read from a Storage Device, which connects to N.I.C.E. via its USB 1.1 port. To transfer music from a Storage Device, a computer and USB 2.0 cable is required (Refer to pages 105-110 in the Owner’s Manual).

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