Getting you there is only part of the story. Clarion’s multimedia lineup includes flexible car navigation solutions complemented with a wide array of audio visual capabilities and intuitive operation, so the road to your destination will be both efficient and entertaining. Come and experience a higher level of digitally-driven satisfaction.

Intuitive Interface

Simplified and sophisticated, Clarion’s new design features a minimal number of physical keys and a graphical user interface with optimally laid-out on-screen controls. Buttons are thus larger and more ergonomic, while on-screen displays offer the information you need, clearly, intuitively and with a touch of style.

Ingenious Navigation

Clarion’s car navigation lineup includes everything from a hide-away navigation unit, to an all-in-one AV/Navigation systems. The navigation engine, with maps stored on high-capacity flash memory, provides a perfect balance of performance and convenience.

Excellent Entertainment

Keep your audience smiling. Certain select models feature visual output for 2-zone entertainment, so rear seat and front seat passengers can view different content during the journey. And with DivX® playback support, you’ll be able to enjoy a wider variety of compressed video programs such as movies.

Sensational Sound

Sculpt the sound to match your preference or environment, with audio features like Beat EQ’s 3-band parametric equalizer, BBE® MP to improve the sound of compressed digital audio and Magna Bass EX to boost ultra-low frequencies for a richer sound with more impact, just for starters.

Comprehensive Connectivity

The music you love and carry can be enjoyed seamlessly in your car. iPod connectivity including full control and search functions, as well as USB and AUX connections to access music on portable devices and other external equipment, make sure you can take your tunes along for the ride.

More Choices to Match Your Style

From dedicated car navigation and AV/navigation units, to entertainment-oriented multimedia stations, Clarion offers a diverse lineup to meet the unique needs of your automotive lifestyle.

Navigation iPod Video/ iPhone™ iPod® USB Bluetooth® AUX HD Radio™
NX700 Built-in CCA723 / CCA748 Rear Built-in 2 Rear
NZ500 Built-in CCA723 / CCA748 Rear Built-in 1 Front / 1 Rear THD400
(iTunes® Tagging)
NX500 Built-in CCA723 / CCA748 Rear Built-in 1 Front / 1 Rear THD400
(iTunes® Tagging)
VZ400 NP400 CCA723 / CCA748 Rear Built-in 1 Front / 1 Rear THD400
(iTunes® Tagging)
VX400 NP400 CCA723 / CCA748 Rear Built-in 1 Front / 1 Rear THD400
(iTunes® Tagging)
VZ300 CCUIPOD3 Front 1 Front THD300

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