Marine Audio

Rock the Water with Clarion Marine Audio

From the leader of marine audio products, Clarion’s line-up gets even better for 2008

Whether you’re into hardcore water sports, cruising to your favorite hideaway, or hanging out at the dock with friends, Clarion knows that a great sounding audio system makes the day more enjoyable.

The 2008 Marine Audio products offer innovative and reliable watertight source unit chassis with high resistance to destructive UV and Salt/Fog exposure.

Connectivity is raised to a new level with optional Satellite Radio and direct iPod control, as well as MP3/WMA music playback, establishing Clarion as the benchmark for Marine Audio.

Water resistance, taken to the next level

Clarion knows that water is a source unit’s worst enemy. Our CMD5 AM/FM/CD/MP3/WMA receiver has been IPX5 tested and certified to offer the highest water intrusion protection. A rubber gasket behind the flip down front panel and integrated water drainage channels work to keep water out. Remember, Clarion is the leader in marine audio products, and the CMD5 shows that no one does it better.

When it comes to marine source units, stainless steel is your friend

Clarion uses a stainless steel chassis in the CMD5 and the M475. Should any water get behind the radio, this design, along with an integrated drip shield over the main harness connector, ensures that water stays on the outside. Circuit boards feature a special coating to resist the effects of moisture, corrosion and mildew. These safeguards will give you years of trouble-free performance.

Command your system from anywhere on your boat

Clarion has a full line of waterproof, wired remote controls. Our CMRC1 controls all main functions of your system. The easy to read LC display lets you see station information, as well as iPod song titles and artist information when listening to Sirius Satellite Radio. Install one remote at the helm and one on the transom (up to three remotes can be connected) - control of your system is always just an arms-reach away.

Amplifiers transform your boat into party central

Amplifiers are the heart and soul of your high performance audio system. People who know marine audio understand that amplifiers add more than just volume to music. They reduce distortion at high volumes and ensure that the music you hear is crisp, clean and powerful.

Clarion has designed its marine audio amplifiers with specially protected circuit boards to resist moisture and corrosion. On the outside, corrosionresistant aluminum casings protect the insides from the effects of the marine environment. Clarion’s Marine Audio amplifiers, the APX290M (360W) and APX490M (720W), achieve rugged performance and awesome sound quality.

Your marine audio system needs high quality speakers

Clarion Marine Audio speakers produce stunning sound in an open-air environment. They keep on performing because they’re built to resist Mother Nature - water, UV rays and Salt/Fog. Polypropylene speaker cones and titanium tweeters withstand the elements while delivering clean, clear sound. Speaker baskets and grills are based on a Centrex 814 polymer plastic that resists fading, cracking and discoloration from UV exposure. A special waterproof design uses a Sanoprene rubber surround and pole piece gasket to ensure resistance to water damage.

Woofer Technology

Speakers designed for the marine environment.

From the basket to the mounting hardware, Clarion speakers are designed to last in the marine environment. They meet and exceed the ASTM B117 and D4329 requirements for resistance to UV, Salt and Fog exposure. Exceeding the industry standards, we utilize many different materials, including polypropylene woofer cones, Sanoprene rubber surrounds, insulated tinsel leads, gold plated terminals, special Centrex 814 baskets and grills and stainless steel hardware. These materials are capable of taming the harsh marine environment. The result? Quality marine speakers with superb sound quality and great cosmetic appeal.

Powered Subwoofer Technology

Powerful Deep Bass Playback Achieved from a Slim Form

MaxxBass Technology

Natural sound is made up of fundamentals that determine the pitch of sound and harmonics with higher frequencies that determine the character of the sound. MaxxBass makes use of harmonics to recreate fundamentals. That innovative technology enhances bass to the max by adding harmonics continuously with the audio signal.


The SRV314 employs an air-compressible structure where acoustic pressure is compressed within the cabinet and vented from the rear duct. This makes it possible to reproduce dynamic deep bass with sharpness.

Counter Drive

Clarion’s own counter drive method was conceived to make the body slimmer and more compact. Locating the magnet on the top of the woofer cone saves space so you have a variety of options where to install.

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