Clarion H.M.I.

A dream come true

Clarion H.M.I. is both dream and reality.

A dream, in the sense that it is an ideal that we will always strive for.

A reality, since it is already present in its most up-to-date form in our products.

Interfacing people with music and information in mobile environments.

Futuristic technology for people living in the real world.

That’s the Clarion H.M.I. concept.

Clarion H.M.I. accelerates into the next generation of mobile entertainment

The world of sound and high-definition video are infused within Clarion technology, embodying the science of in-carentertainment like no mobile experience you have ever embraced before. Clarion presents the future of H.M.I., by delivering increased connectivity and seamlessly merging life in and out of the car. Hands-free communications are made wirelessly via Bluetooth® while links with mobile media players are made simple by Clarion’s advanced Human Machine Interface. New connections between digital satellite radio combined with our 2-zone feature assist in noteworthy road trips, and DivX® powered DVD viewing confirms Clarion’s commitment to evolving technology. Always a step ahead of the curve, Clarion continues to deliver the ultimate adventure for the mobile electronic lifestyle.


Experience the next generation of mobile operation at the speed of now.

Natural operation though interfaces a world apart from traditional source units give the feel of being a part of your system and allowing you to experience true H.M.I. The FB275BT/BTB stand out with solid design that breaks free from traditional architecture by delivering a three-dimensional interface. The VRX785BT allows for intuitive operation by a large touch screen panels that give access to the advanced user icons. The VRX385USB delivers intuitive operation via its D-pad (+key), and a built in 3.5-inch LCD Screen for smooth operation. Include Clarion’s high-end source unit models such as the DXZ785USB feature the proprietary SLIDETRAK design which allows for fluid operation by simply sliding your finger across the face of the unit.


Creating the bond between you and your car.

Today’s car audio enthusiast demand digital music connectivity, and Clarion facilitates this by delivering options for these state-of-the-art requirements. With that in mind Clarion has added connectivity abilities in our non-mechanical unit; features such as an SD card slot for on the go PC users, and a built in Bluetooth® connection for mobile music devices such as MP3 players and mobile phones. Let Clarion open your world to new entertainment options for your digital lifestyle.


Your music at your speed; Clarion delivers the technology today’s music generation requires.

Clarion’s advanced H.M.I. technology provides a dramatic transformation to your mobile lifestyle and breaks through the barriers of conventional thinking. Clarion pursues the merging of multimedia systems that link video and sound in perfect harmony. Technology delivers media mechanics such as the ability to handle DivX® coded systems for compressed playback, and source units that will play WMDRM10 formats with ease. XM Mini Tuner ready and Sirius SSP Direct, mean you can connect to Satellite Radio tuners with first in class technology at a lower cost. These features are only the beginning, let Clarion show you the future of in-car-entertainment.

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