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Experience the music, live in the sound

Engineering is what sets Clarion’s 2008 line of amplifiers, subwoofers, and speakers apart from the competition. Clarion again delivers an option for every audio enthusiast at every level, whether you are a first timer or an advanced acoustic aficionado, Clarion has the products that you require. Offering amplifiers with the latest digital technology, components with new installation options, and a subwoofer for every situation, Clarion provides the choices for the most critical audiophile’s needs.


Faster, Stronger, and Smaller; Clarion sets a new benchmark for mobile amplifier technology.

Clarion amplifiers represent overwhelming power packed into a compact body providing consolidation of technology to control your music. The DPX Hybrid series amplifiers achieve first in class performance, while allowing for flexible installation. The APX Illumination series has been designed with a luxurious feel while being exemplified by a blue-lit Clarion logo and a precision machined finish. Furthermore the APX series allows for constant stable music playback by flexibly handling multiple speaker impedances. This series also provides features such as variable bass boost and adjustable subsonic filter to provide balanced sound, while delivering a powerful acoustic space and maintaining pure sound quality.


Subwoofers for those who require great bass, and second best just won’t do.

Subwoofers that convey clear deep bass without distortion while delivering acoustic fidelity to your mobile audio experience. The high-class PXW series, feature a durable die-cast aluminum frame with powerful damping and dual Strontium Ferrite magnet motor assembly, provides an unprecedented sense of bass. Featuring the real world tested Spider Exhaust Technology, which provides advanced thermal cooling and extended woofer life, as well as allowing the woofer to perform at its peak any time. The SRW series offer single and dual voice coil configurations that provide ceremonious recreations of diverse and responsive bass. The SW series has an abundant expression to sound, providing accurate duplication of any genre of music. Add the available shallow mount and powered subwoofer models, to provide unparalleled fit-ment options as well as increasing your overall auditory perception.


Unsurpassed performance by delivering multiple options for every situation.

New for 2008, Clarion offers the Ultra series high performance two-way speaker line up, featuring a rigid die-cast aluminum frame and TP-GF woofer cones which allow for ideal sound transmission. Like their Clarion subwoofer siblings, the Ultra series share the Spider Exhaust Technology Cooling that allows for superb power handling as well as better heat dissipation at higher wattages. The Ultra and Platinum series also employ multi fit construction, allowing tweeters to be set separately in their best positions and providing better opportunities for optimal focal placement. The Quality series employs TM-MIPP woofer cones and silk soft dome tweeters, which improve response and provide real time sound reference. And the Good series will boost your music to a superior level with out breaking the bank doing it. Clarion offers the right speaker for every situation.

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