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Development of Industrial-use Telematics System

Telematics combines communication systems with mobile vehicles such as cars to offer information services in real-time. Clarion developed an in-vehicle platform which uses Linux (an operating system offering superior communication functions, reliability, flexibility, and upgradeability) and Java™ (with its high software productivity and security). This platform has been marketed as part of a synthesized speech PA device for use in community buses. We also developed and launched the versatile CA-7000 in-vehicle terminal for use in commercial vehicles.

By further upgrading the functionality of this in-vehicle platform, we will be working towards achieving the ideal Telematics environment. Telematics: Combining communication systems with devices in a mobile environment such as cars to offer information services in real-time.

In-vehicle Linux/Java™ Platform

Platform Linux/Java™

Clarion Bus Location ASP Service

Clarion Bus Location ASP Service


Example of Actual Application

Operation Management System for Convenience Store Delivery Vehicles (jointly developed with Hitachi)

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