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Powered to perform, created to overwhelm

Your amplifier and speaker system is literally the interface between audio signals and your ears. So the quality of your components will have a direct impact on the quality of sound you hear. From crystalline highs to thundering lows, Clarion amplifiers and speakers deliver the sound of satisfaction.

Power amplifiers that deliver the punch

Whether you only listen to background music or operate a full-fledged mobile DVD theatre, the performance of the power amplifier will make a spectacular difference in the sound you hear. So regardless of the type of system you build, go ahead and fill your car with sound that is pure pleasure to the ear. Clarion gives you all you’ve ever wanted in an amplifier, and a lot more.

Subwoofers that make the earth move

Crank up the power full blast, and count on these subwoofers to deliver. Clarion offers a selection of subwoofers including active subwoofers, to meet and surpass your demands for groundpounding bass, featuring tough and high-performance cone materials, die-cast frames and powerful voice coils that can really take the heat.

Speakers that span the entire spectrum

Although bass gets a lot of attention, great sound does not consist of bass only. Clarion’s lineup of high-performance speakers is your assurance that you and your audience will be listening to the highest quality audio, whether you’re listening to a CD or your iPod® or watching a DVD. Enjoy the entire spectrum of sound, and experience complete in-car entertainment.

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