HX-SERIES 4 channel amplifier

  • High damping factor for ultra low distortion
  • Ultra low noise and high input sensitivity (up to 5 Vrms)
  • Extended frequency response for absolute fidelity on the entire audible range
  • User-friendly built-in 2-way crossover filter to cover any speakers configurations
  • 2 ohms stable to drive up to 8 speakers (4 ohms) for more than 800W RMS true power (4CH configuration)

Clarion's HX-Series amplifiers supply the power to drive a wide variety of in-car entertainment systems, whether it is ultimate quality, extreme looks, or system expansion and flexibility.

For decades Clarion has offered advanced power Amplifiers to accommodate a variety of In Car Entertainment (ICE) systems.

Our latest lineup employs high quality materials and leading-edge design for the sole purpose of providing the muscle to drive your music.

Premium flexibility

Premium flexibility

The ADP4000 features oversized terminal blocks for power and speaker connections on the end panel. These blocks include large set screws to ensure a reliable connection. The signal connection end panel will accept Preamp signals or speaker level inputs. The amp also includes a signal detect auto turn-on to make it easy to integrate with OEM source units.

Efficient design

Efficient design

The dual power supply design is one of the reasons why the ADP4000 can offer amazing stereo separation and an impressive signal to noise ratio. High tolerance surface mount components and multi-layer premium printed circuit boards ensure amazing channel-to-channel balance and linearity, while maximising amplifier efficiency and reliability.

Efficient design02

Efficient design03

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