CD/MP3/WMA Receiver

Play MP3 and WMA for your in-car entertainment.

The source unit supports both MP3 and WMA digital audio files, as well as ID3-TAG coding for display of title information. Since MP3 and WMA files are compressed, each CD-R or CD-RW can hold up to 12 hours of music. Alternatively, you can hook up a portable audio unit via the Front AUX.

Experience the elements of superb sound.

The MOS-FET power amplifier provides high quality output with minimal power consumption. What’s more, Beat EQ allows convenient equalisation, Magna Bass EX boosts low frequencies and LPF (Low Pass Filter) outputs signals to better match your speakers.

Designed to be simple, stylish and user-friendly

Based on Clarion’s H.M.I. concept, the source unit features a control panel layout that provides intuitive access to functions. Instead of small buttons cluttering the face, the controls are clustered in zones near the prominent control dial while maintaining a smoothly elegant surface. The display is easy to read, with bright illumination, and is very user friendly.

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