Clarion H.M.I.

A dream comes true

Clarion H.M.I. is both dream and reality.

A dream, in the sense that it is an ideal that we will always strive for.

A reality, since it is already present in its most up-to-date form in our products.

Interfacing people with music and information in mobile environments.

Futuristic technology for people living in the real world.

That’s the Clarion H.M.I. concept.


Connectivity to seamlessly link your car’s interior to the outside world is enhanced by virtue of various recording media and mobile products, as well as handsfree mobile communication thanks to Bluetooth®. Coupled with Clarion’s advanced high-precision audio and visual technologies such as 2-Zone Entertainment, and an H.M.I. (Human Machine Interface) that responds immediately to the wishes of the driver. As its way to keep creating the next generation in car entertainment, Clarion H.M.I. will continue to evolve and pursue a new feel.


Next-generation design and operation appeals to your senses

The SD card compatible mechanism-less memory audio FB286BTB/FB276BT, with its 3D interface that lets you confirm button positions simply by touching on them. DUB276MP/DUB276MPW with its unique living room-inspired design. DUZ386MP which clusters all functions around the centre control key. VRX786BT which combines touch panel control with large operation buttons. VRX386USB with its intuitive operation via 4-directional cross key. And DXZ786USB with SLIDETRAK which enables various operations using the left and right slide bars. In its many forms, the Clarion H.M.I. concept is providing innovative operation that is unprecedented for source units.


Various Leading-Edge Technologies to Update Your Automotive Lifestyle

Built-in Bluetooth® enables handsfree telephone communication to support safer driving as well as wireless audio streaming, and is available on the FB286BTB/FB276BT/MAX686BT/VRX786BT. The emphasis is also placed on sound, with Sound Restorer to deliver high quality sound, Digital ZEnhancer to let you select the sound according to personal taste, LPO (Listening Position Optimiser) which digitally corrects the distance between speaker and listener, and Music Catcher which lets you store your favourite CDs one after the other. And through advanced new technologies and unique functions such as DivX and WMDRM 10 compatibility, a world of digital high performance will enhance your automotive lifestyle and make it more comfortable and enjoyable.


High connectivity seamlessly links your car to the outside world

You can enjoy home theatre-like presence in your car. Seamlessly link your previously closed in-car experience to the open, unlimited possibilities of the outside world. Clarion makes it possible through support of various media including DVD±R/RW, compression formats like MP3/WMA/AAC via USB/SD, direct connection with iPod®, compliance with the WMDRM10 copyright management protocol, support of the DivX high-compression video playback codec, and so much more.

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