Your speaker system is the interface between audio signals and your senses. So the quality of your components will have a direct impact on the quality of sound you experience.

From crystalline highs to thundering lows, Clarion speakers deliver the sound of satisfaction.

120 kHz-playback Tweeters

Special tweeters were developed that employ a silk dome and dual neodymium magnets in pursuit of rich harmonic elements. With industry-pioneering 120 kHz playback, performance is good enough even for DVD audio, SADC, and other next-generation media in excess of the audible frequency range. Wide-range properties with room to spare let you enjoy stable treble even in regular CD playback.

Variable Angles

Tweeters are compatible with two-way setup thanks to removable bases that allow installation on either the dashboard or doors. Their variable angle structure that enables the facing and angle to be freely adjusted gives you the ability to put them in the direction that best fits your car and seating position.

In-Phase Coaxial Construction Produces Outstanding Acoustic Image Orientation

A key component to experiencing natural sound imaging and staging is In PhaseCoaxial Design. The tweeter’s “In Phase” configuration minimises the phase differ-ential between the woofer and tweeter,and prevents the time lag between high and low frequency sounds from being audible to the listener.

Glass-fibre Cone

Shaping by careful vertical and horizontal interweaving of strong fibreglass greatly increases rigidity. There is little distortion from settling and creep even in amplitude motion for large inputs, thus enabling constant crisp playing of music.

Heat Suppressing Rear-vented Pole Pieces

A vent construction that penetrates to the back plate has been adopted for woofer components. The smooth stroke of the diaphragm is realised by suppressed heat generation accompanied by an increased output, further raising the amount of air discharged from within the woofer duct.

High Signal Transferability OFC Voice Coil

Extremely pure 4N (99.995%) OFC (oxygen free copper) that boasts extremely high signal transferability compared to general TPC (tough-pitch copper wire) has been utilised for the very densely coiled voice coil wire. Because impurities such as oxygen almost never occur, tones are expressed sharply, and midrange tones are smoothly reproduced.

Multi-axial 3-WAY Covering the Super-Upper Register

Clarion’s 3-WAY configuration unifies the woofer, mid-range and tweeter. Experience a more realistic, broader sound field ranging between 28Hz bass frequencies throught to 35kHz super-upper register sound frequencies.

Lightweight, Highly Rigid MIPP Cone Woofer

An MIPP (Metalised injection PP) cone woofer that combines polypropylene with a metal covering process is used, enabling the lightweight and high-rigidity required in speaker materials. These allow for highspeed response that supports digital sound sources with plenty of room to spare, resulting in a clear tone quality with very little distortion.

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