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From the innovator of marine audio products, Clarion marine audio gets better for 2007

Whether your are out for a quiet sail in the bay, pounding up the river with a wakeborder in tow or just hanging out at the dock with your friends, Clarion understands better than anyone that having your music with you makes the day just that much better. The 2007 Clarion marine audio product line takes our dedication to developing reliable and innovative products to a new level. New watertight source unit chassis’ combined with our expertise in UV and salt fog exposure resistance combined with improved connectivity to iPods and other portable music devices further establishes Clarion as the benchmark for marine audio.

Splash it or spray it - the CMD5 doesn’t care.

When it comes to water, Clarion doesn’t play games. Our CMD5 AM/FM CD/MP3/WMA Receiver offers full IPX5 tested and certified Water Intrusion protection to ensure that it will keep playing, no matter what you throw at it. A rubber gasket behind the quickrelease flip down front panel and integrated water drainage channels keep water out. Don’t be fooled by imitators, Clarion is the world leader in marine audio products - nobody knows it better.

If you are going to talk the talk, then you have to walk the walk.

Clarion takes marine audio seriously. For 2007, we introduce a new stainless steel chassis to the CMD5 and M475. Should any water get in behind the radio, this new chassis, combined with a drip shield over the wire connections will ensure things stay dry. The main circuit boards feature a silicone coating to help resist the effects of humidity. You take pride in your boat, wouldn’t you want the best audio equipment available installed in it?

Take control of your music from anywhere on the boat.

Clarion offers a full line of completely waterproof remote controls. Our CMRC1 features an easy-to-read LCD to let you see what radio station you are listening to, or what song on your iPod is playing. Install a remote at the helm and one on the swim platform - control over your music is always just an arms-reach away.

A boat with lots of power is a lot of fun - this same concept applies to your audio system.

Clarion offers amplifiers that will let your audio system deliver crisp, clear, lifelike sound without distortion. Whether you want a little more power for a pair of speakers, or a multi-amp system to make waves of your own, Clarion amplifiers are up to the task.

The link between you and your music is your speakers.

Clarion marine audio speakers were designed to sound great while putting up with the toughest challenges Mother Nature can throw their way. Polypro-pylene speaker cones and titanium tweeters ensure your music will sound great. Clarion marine speaker frames and grilles are based on a Centrex 814 polymer plastic for resistance to fading, chalking and cracking from UV exposure. Their waterproof design incorporates a Sanoprene rubber surround and pole-piece gasket to ensure complete resistance to water damage.

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