• Compact Disc Text
  • Windows Media
  • MP3 ID3 TAG
  • 6-CD
  • MESSAGE Information
  • Digital Z-Enhancer
  • G-EQ
  • LPO
  • 4ch Output
  • AUX Input
  • CeNET
  • MOS-FET Power AMP
  • 50W×4 HIGH POWER

The essence of audio is alive in its design

With brushed metal finish, the boldly noticeable faceplate is divided into five sections, with control knobs that offer superior usability laid out on its surface. Clarion’s WXZ466MP offers unprecedented presence as a high quality audio component. The graphical image offered by the 23-band spectrum analyser puts a finishing touch on this powerful 6 CD unit. Design is made to satisfy sense expectation. Enjoy double sized design with this original product. More and more cars offer large installation space in their dashboard. The perfect product to achieve your car interior is born.

  • 18FM, 6AM station presets
  • 4-channel × 50 watts of MOS-FET amplification
  • MP3 and WMA compatible with ID3-TAG display
  • CD-R/RW ready
  • VF display with Spectrum analyser and Screensaver
  • CATS: Theft prevention system with personal code
  • CeNET Control of: DVD changer (easy), TV tuner, 6-disc CD changer
  • 4-channel RCA output
  • 2-channel AUX input with level control
  • CeNET iPod interface compatible

Built-in 6-disc CD changer & MP3/WMA file playback

You can load up to 6 discs in the unit’s internal CD changer so you’ll probably never run out of music on your drives. In addition to music CDs and MP3 files, the changer also supports WMA files which offer superior compression while maintaining high quality, making it possible to fit the equivalent of full CD library on a single CD-R at comparable quality. ID3/WMA tags are supported to display a wide range of informations on the tunes being played.

Listening Position Optimiser (LPO)

The WXZ466MP’s Listening Position Optimiser uses digital processing to virtually adjust the speaker distance, enabling sound stage settings to accommodate a wide variety of different types of vehicles. So no matter what type of car you drive, you can count on Clarion to drive your sound with high precision and realistic presence.

Digital Z-Enhancer

Clarion’s Digital-Z Enhan controls P-EQ, HPF, and LPF through the DSP, allowing you to select from three equalising patterns that emphasise the range of tones in the upper/base regions respectively while maintaining perfect acoustic balance. Furthermore, by adding gain adjustment (HI, MID, LOW) to the 3 equalising patterns, it is now possible to choose from 9 different equalising patterns to customise the sound quality pattern so that it matches your speaker system or music source perfectly.

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