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DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) for a superior listening experience

DAB broadcasts radio programmes via a digital signal usually assigned in the FM frequency range and offers CD-quality audio. Compared to analogue, DAB’s digital signals offer a purer signal with reduced fading and multipath effects, less effected by weather and multi-path effects and are less affected by weather and interference.

Line-up of DAB-ready models to meet your needs

Clarion offers a selection of DAB-ready main units which allow easy, direct connection of the DAB302E receiver. Once connected, the DAB receiver is integrated into the Clarion in-car system for seamless, intuitive operation. Just choose the model you want and you can count on system expandability with quick installation.
Compatible with NX702A, NX502A, CZ702A

Wide selection of DAB radio stations to choose from

More DAB digital signals than FM analogue signals can be fitted into the same bandwidth without interference, offering more choice of stations for listening. Genres range from jazz to pop, hip-hop to rock, news to talk. The actual number of stations differs by locality, but a wide selection ensures that you will find what you want.
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