Clarion Australia announces release of navigation products in 2009

Melbourne, Australia (April 1st, 2009) – Clarion Australia, a global leader of mobile electronics, announces the introduction of an all-new range of navigation products for 2009.

Clarion's NX509A is a true 2-DIN, AVN (audio video navigation) system with full-featured multimedia capabilities. The NX509A's GPS navigation function offers 3D display mode for city or elevation maps, icons and landmarks as well as signpost and lane information, a rich POI database (points of interest) and text to-speech function. The greatest achievement of this revolutionary product is that there are no steep learning curves required to use it, with only 3 physical buttons present on the front panel and a state of the art navigation interface, Clarion takes the stress out of in-car navigation.

When it comes to audio, the NX509A also incorporates technology for exceptional sound quality with BBE® MP, 24-Bit D/A converter, Magna Bass EX, subwoofer control and built-in High Pass and Low Pass filters to allow you to tailor your system to suit your needs. Clarion’s NX509A is also compatible with a wide range of Apple's latest products including the iPod touch and the iPhone; truly remarkable.

Also available in 2009, is the NP509A hide-away flash memory navigation system. Featuring all the hallmarks of the NX509A's state-of-the-art navigation interface, this hide-away product is configurable to almost any in-car multimedia system. Utilise Clarion's touch screen functionality via the VX709a,VZ709A or VZ509A (CCB509A required) or operate in slave mode via the SA509A stand alone kit. While in stand-alone mode, the system delivers a customised interface optimised for use with the SA509A's remote control.

The NX509A and NP509A products share the same intuitive navigation architecture. For piece-of-mind, both products come pre-loaded with a full road safety and camera database as well as speed limit information.

In 2009 Clarion is truly your ultimate destination for navigation!!!

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