2009 Product Range Release : Take the show on the road

Melbourne, Australia (April 1st, 2009) – Clarion Australia are excited to announce the introduction of the 2009 product line.

Clarion’s focus on navigation in 2009 is greater than ever before. Five navigation ready units alone, the VX709A, VZ709A, VZ509A, VX409A and VZ409A, not to mention their built-in navigation unit, the NX509A and NP509A blackbox navigation device.

Clarion’s key navigation ready source units, the VX709A and VZ709A are compatible with the NP509A black box (BB) navigation option. The hide-away 2GB flash memory navigation system (NP509A) with the CeNET converter (CCB509A).

This BB navigation solution offers touch-screen control, audible voice commands, turn-by-turn voice prompts and automatic route recalculation.

Clarion’s VX709A and VZ709A are premium DVD multimedia and navigation ready source units equipped with motorized 7-inch QVGA LCD displays, touch-panel control and CeNET. The only difference between these units is their packaging. The VZ709A is a one DIN unit and the VX709A is a double DIN. Both are full-featured multimedia units with DVD and DivX video playback, built-in bluetooth for hands-free calling and audio streaming and iPod direct control via USB.

The VZ509A has sleek styling in a one DIN source unit package with a multitude of multimedia and navigational capabilities. Clarion’s VZ509A has a beautifully enhanced high-resolution 7 inch on-screen display, motorized flip out color TFT touch-screen with easy and intuitive Human Machine Interface (H.M.I.). The user interface is simplified with only 4 physical buttons. All other controls are via the slick touch-panel integrated with video IC, so the icon graphics and touch control is quick and smooth. The VZ509A offers DVD video, DivX, CD/ MP3/ WMA/ AAC playback, direct USB iPod control and direct connect black box navigation. The navigation ready feature with direct connect to the NP509A hide-away memory navigation system, allows full navigation control via the touch-screen.

The VX409A and VZ409A both offer equally the same bells and whistles expected in a mid-level DVD multimedia station just one and two DIN sizing. The VX409A double DIN unit boasts a stationary 6.5-inch QVGA LCD display. The VZ409A single DIN unit has a 7-inch motorized sloping QVGA LCD display. Their high-resolution displays have superb imagery and touch-panel control that are smooth as silk.

Clarion’s VX409A and VZ409A units are bluetooth interface ready (BLT370), offer optional iPod direct control with CCUIPOD and are an excellent value for the money.

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