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A Message from the President


Establishing Our Presence in an Enriched and Safe Vehicle Society

With market conditions set to undergo significant change in the future, Clarion is transforming its business portfolio to become an “In-Vehicle Information Solutions Provider” contributing to an enriched and safe vehicle society. The business environment in the automotive industry is undergoing dramatic changes, as customer needs expand in particular to autonomous driving in practical use, and new players from the IT sector and other industries are entering the market. Within this business environment, Clarion is strengthening its position in two key growth areas: safety & information systems, which enhance safety and security, and connectivity, which enables drivers to “connect” as they drive. Integrating these new technologies and businesses with our core DNA of car audio, long-established technologies of car navigation, vehicle cameras, and sensing devices, we will continue to lead the world in providing integrated system solutions. In the new age of driving that lies ahead, Clarion sees its mission as providing customers with greater safety, security and comfort through these system solutions, thus contributing to an enriched and safer vehicle society.

Fully understanding the characteristics of each market, we at Clarion will enhance our presence in the global markets as a trusted and valued partner, further enhancing our marketing and technological capabilities in order to perfect the interface between people, sound and information – which lies at the heart of Clarion’s global product development initiatives – and strive to deliver the very best that we can offer to our customers.

At Clarion, the active commitment to “AMBITION,” “CREATIVITY” and “SINCERITY” forming the core of our corporate philosophy is always at the forefront of our shared dedication. As our teams work together to advance into the future, the Clarion Group is devoted to fulfilling its corporate responsibility and developing as a company that focuses on benefiting society.

Aiming for Sustainable Growth and Higher Corporate Value, Clarion Has Transitioned to a “Company with Nominating Committee, etc.” Corporate Governance System

Based on a decision approved at the annual shareholders’ meeting of June 24, 2016, Clarion has changed its corporate governance from a “Company with Audit & Supervisory Board” to a “Company with Nominating Committee, etc.” system. The purpose of this change is to facilitate swifter and more dynamic decision-making by enabling the executive officers, who are entrusted with the majority of the company’s business decision-making authority, to focus exclusively on their respective duties.

Also, by enabling the Board of Directors to focus on supervising business management and making the half of directors to externals, the new framework leverages the directors’ knowledge and experience, promotes greater transparency and objectivity, and strengthens their supervisory functions. With 75 years of history, Clarion seeks, by transitioning to a “Company with Nominating Committee, etc.” system, to speed up its decision-making, strengthen its corporate governance and further raise its corporate value as it plays an increasingly active role in the global community.

From In-Vehicle Device Manufacturer to In-Vehicle Information Solutions Provider

Clarion finds itself in a market environment undergoing drastic changes. In response to the new challenges, Clarion is rapidly adapting and evolving its business model. Advancing from our previous core as an in-vehicle device manufacturer focusing on car navigation and audio systems, Clarion is evolving to take on a new role as “In-Vehicle Information Solutions Provider,” in new business domains of safety and information business, offering safety and security including autonomous driving and parking assistance.

Delivering value-added products and services that truly “connect” and enable our customers to access the various kinds of information and services they need in their daily lives, anytime in an optimized easy-to-use format provides solutions to enrich their lives safely and reliably. Through comprehensive management of information on people, vehicles and the environment, Clarion also aims to deliver this information to each customer individually, in the safest way possible, and with the highest possible comfort value. These are the things that Clarion will provide by simultaneously developing a comprehensive information management solution and optimized user interface, and linking the two together to provide uniquely appealing customer value.

Activities of a Truly Global Corporation

For business operations, Clarion divides the world into four main regions: Japan, the Americas, Europe and Asia/Oceania. Each region has its own overall administrative function, under which are the functions of marketing, development, production, and sales. We will continue to provide each and every region with the optimum products and services, by organically combining the respective geographical, customer and product functions.

Contributing to the Creation of a Sustainable Society

Global warming is one of the most critical environmental issues facing our planet, and its effects appear in ways that cross national boundaries, at an increasingly alarming pace. As the earth experiences abrupt environmental changes, and as we attempt to realize a sustainable, recycling-based society, the importance of environmental measures as a matter of corporate responsibility also grows.

At Clarion, these environmental issues are a key issue for management, and we are implementing the Clarion Environmental Management Plan on a global scale, while also promoting environmental management activities overseas. In keeping with our aspirations to be a “company that is truly liked and valued by society”, global environmental considerations and activities such as these will be mission-critical to our enterprise.

To Our Stakeholders

To our customers: As society changes and technology continues to evolve, we will rapidly identify our customers’ needs in order to provide unique products and services that incorporate the latest innovations. We are committed to our relentless pursuit of creating products and services that deliver true customer satisfaction and enrich their lives daily.

To our shareholders: Clarion aims to improve corporate value and further progress as we continue to push ourselves to reach higher goals.

To our suppliers and business partners: The entire Clarion Group is focused on “Cloud-Based Information Network Service for Vehicles” as a new keystone for our business, complementing in-vehicle information devices. As changes in the market environment, globalization, and technological advances all contribute to the accelerated pace of change in the world we live in, we are acting as swiftly as possible to meet new challenges through an optimized corporate structure. Clarion will continue to think creatively at all times and act quickly.

To our employees, Clarion will only thrive if each and every one of you shares the values of the Company and gives your very best. To make this possible, we will strive to create an environment in which you can feel, “I’m so proud to be a part of Clarion!”

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