History 2000-2003


March, 2000

    • Founding of Clarion Sales Co., Ltd.

April, 2000

    • Five Clarion offices in Japan obtain ISO-14001 certification.

December, 2000

    • HCX Corporation established as joint venture between Clarion, Hitachi® , and Xanavi Infomatics®

May, 2001

    • Relocation of Headquarters to Hakusan, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo.

August, 2001

    • Start of Clarion Scholarship "MEDAMA".

October, 2001

    • In-vehicle terminal for ETC system marketed.

November, 2001

    • "AutoPC CADIAS™" exhibited at Tokyo Motor Show.

March, 2002

    • Sales of Satellite radio receiver in North America.

September, 2002

    • Relocation of Headquarters to Toda-shi, Saitama prefecture functions moved to Toda City, Saitama prefecture.

October, 2002

    • Clarion M&L established.

December, 2002

    • Launched "AutoPC CADIAS™", the first in-vehicle PC in Japan.

June, 2003

    • Sale of HDD equipped AV car navigation system.

August, 2003

    • Started delivering Car Audio to GM® Shanghai, China

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