Environmental Policy / Environmental Management

Environmental Policy / Promotional Framework for the Environment

Clarion works for harmony among people, communities and nature and engage in sustainable corporate activities.

Clarion commits itself to be an environment friendly enterprise through such measures as effective use of the limited natural resources as well as energy. Based on the Corporate Philosophy, the entire Clarion Group undertakes environmental protection activities, by concentrating its resources in areas of technical, economic, and human resource fields.

Environmental Policy

Promotional Framework of Environmental Management System

Clarion has constructed an environmental management framework to promote environmental protection activities. We established the Standing Committee on the Environment, chaired by the President, in order to promote environmental protection activities throughout the company. Within the committee are eight subcommittees cutting across departmental boundaries. These subcommittees play a central role in addressing environmental protection issues in each specific field from a companywide perspective. In addition, each department assigns one or more leaders of environmental activities to promote environmental activities in that department.

ISO14001 Certification and Developments

Clarion completed establishment of a companywide environmental management system as the international standard ISO14001 certification was awarded to the entire company in April 2000. At present, three company sites have acquired the certification, reflecting changes in the scope of application. One more group company site is expected to be certified in June 2006. As of May 2006, the company remains certified, having passed two renewal audits and four regular audits. In Japan, internal environmental audits are conducted twice annually to assess whether the environmental management system at our domestic sites is being appropriately implemented and maintained. At our overseas affiliates and subsidiaries, 10 sites, largely production bases, have successfully been certified and one site is in the process of earning certification.

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